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About Us

Have you hired or looked at hiring a mover and either they haven’t shown up? Or demanded more money after they picked all you belongings up? Or have them tell you that they will move only from garage to garage?

There had to be a better way of moving people, there had to be movers who were more reliable. We knew the market demanded a mover that was affordable, reliable, and respectful of customer’s needs and who would work with and to cater to what the customers needed.

While making a profit is important we at happy to haul will work with you most often than not. We are able to offer prices at least or better than a 20% discount on our competition because our margins are as slim as possible. We want your business. We want your recommendation. We want your business.

Happy2haul was begun in the fall of 2012 by 1st generation immigrants. Shamil and Varuni Ranasinghe are a husband wife duo, who arrived in America as students, graduated in Transportation & Logistics, double majored with finance, started work at fortune 100 companies, got their MBA’s and now live in Rosemount while trying to develop this business of theirs.

To give back to the community, Varuni and Shamil have also begun to work on another project “” (and on Facebook), where people can nominate a person to receive a FREE customized cake for any occasion.

We at HAPPY2HAUL aim to move the world.

For Moving info, pricing, requests / information / scheduling CALL OR TEXT 612 208 7706
Or email