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Moving Terms

Happy2haul Moving Rules and Guidelines


Arrival Times:

When scheduling a move, Happy2Haul will give you an estimated window of arrival. We will use all reasonable efforts to make sure we are there within that window. If we are running early or late, we will call you or text you as soon as possible to let you know in regards to timing. It is your responsibility to make sure we have a phone number or even multiple phone #’s so that we can get in touch with you on moving day. Even if, despite our efforts, we arrive later than the estimated time, there are no corresponding discounts given.


Travel: A mileage charge will be assessed to get the truck from our office to where we start the move, then from the end of the move back to the office. You confirm that you were told at the time of scheduling your move an estimated mileage charge.

Two Trips (Second Trip): The rate provided is for a full 24 to 26 FT truck load, if we need to make more than one trip to complete the move, you will incur only one mileage charge, plus $150 for the second trip. If your pick up location or drop off location change, your mileage charge will be adjusted (Prior notification / arrangements need to be made).

First 5 Hours: The hourly charge is based upon how many movers are needed to do your move. You were advised of an estimated number of hours when scheduling your move. If more men are needed, your hourly charge will change. The hourly charge starts when our movers arrive at the move and ends when we have completed what you had asked us to do at the time of scheduling. After the first 5 hours we bill in FULL ONE HOUR increments. 5 minutes into the next half hour, we charge for a full half hour.

Extra: There may be an extra charge for any large, cumbersome, extremely heavy, fragile items. The movers will let you know if there is an extra charge before they move the item or items. Moving appliances will have an extra charge.



The customer service person that scheduled this move has determined this rate by the information that was provided to him or her. If the movers find that there are more items to move, extra heavy, extra fragile, or assembly or disassembly more time will be needed, You will be assessed a charge.

At Happy2AHaul, we use smaller trucks for smaller moves, which is the reason we ask for a detailed list of the items that you need to have moved. There is never any guarantee that all of your items will fit into one load.

If more than one trip is needed, you are charged a mileage fee of $1.50, $100 per extra trip and you are charged the hourly rate after the first 5 hours when we started the move until we are finished or asked to stop. If more than 2 trips are needed prior arrangements should have been made.

Overnight moves: If a move requires a truck to be loaded and left loaded over night, the overnight charge will be $200 a truck.

Packing: If we have been hired to pack belongings for you, our same hourly rates apply, plus any packing material that has been used. Please ask the office about packing material prices. We charge separately for packing materials and packing supplies used for this move.


Moving boxes: We can provide hard plastic boxes for 99 cents each. This rate is only valid for the first 7 days after the move. A refundable deposit is required. It is calculated as $10 for each box up front. After the return of the boxes (CLEAN AND UNDAMAGED) the remaining money will be returned. The boxes are rented out in 7 day increments.


To qualify for the 99 cent moving boxes at the time the boxes are picked up you would need to post a positive review on 2 social media sites, Namely on the Happy2haul Facebook page, on Yelp or on Angie’s list.

Payment: We require a deposit of $100 (cash or check) to reserve the move and is only used to reserve a time slot. If you were to cancel your move, it needs to be done before 5 days of the move.

Changing of the move date or time of your move, you must do that before 5 business days before the day of the move, or there will be a non refundable $100 charge. The final payment is due in full at the end of the move, IN CASH.

The movers will present you with a bill at the end of the move upon your request or email the bill the next day. If you are moving items into storage, if we are loading a truck for you or if there is any other reason that we will not have a permanent address for you in the area, the
only payment that we can accept is cash. (Please have a wide denomination of bills if paying by cash, as our movers do not carry change).


Damages: Happy2Haul hires and trains all of our own employees to the best of our ability. Our movers are equipped with the proper equipment and training to do a move. Though damages happen very infrequently, and our movers try their very best to move all of your belongings safely, from time to time, damage may occur. If by chance there were to be damages, you must pay the full amount you owe Happy2Haul before Happy2Haul will entertain any damage claim.

Happy2Haul is responsible for items in boxes or any type of container only if we have packed it ourselves. Any items that have been packed, wrapped, or padded that we are unable to verify had not been previously damaged, we hold no responsibility for.

If an item was damaged due to the negligence of a Happy2Haul employee, then Happy2Haul will pay the customer for the cost of repair. The foregoing notwithstanding, if the cost of repair exceeds the fair market value of the item, then Happy2Haul will pay the customer 60 cents to the dollar as required by law of the item’s fair market value at the time it was damaged.

Instead of receiving a sum in the amount of the lesser of the cost of repair or fair market value, Happy2Haul may choose, in its discretion, to have the item repaired or replaced by a company of its choice. The customer must report damage to Happy2Haul’ office within 24 hours from the time of the move, or no claim will be honored. Please check all items after they have been moved.


If damage has been made to A WALL OR FLOOR – DOCUMENTATION needs to be provided to Happy2haul via email so that the documentation may be forwarded to our insurance claims rep. The insurance company will make decisions about insurance claims.


Impossibility and Impracticability: If Happy2Haul is unable to perform your move as scheduled, due to circumstances outside of Happy2Haul’s control, such as the inability to fit an item through a doorway or an item being too heavy or large to move, then you may still be charged for Happy2Haul’s time and travel costs associated with attempting the move.


General Information: Many people ask if the movers can receive tips. Yes, if you believe your movers did a good move, any tips are appreciated. Happy2Haul will not disconnect any gas appliances. Happy2Haul cannot transport any inflammable or hazardous substance. We are not responsible for dirty or soiled carpets; we can have carpet shields that are for sale. The customer agrees to remove breakable items from dresser drawers before the move. The customer agrees to remove all items from desk drawers and lateral file cabinets before the move. If Happy2Haul is loading or unloading a truck or storage unit, it is responsible only for the items while they are in Happy2Haul’s immediate care. Happy2Haul is not responsible for the contents of the boxed items which it has not packed. If we feel an item cannot be moved safely due to circumstances beyond our control, we will have you sign a release liability before moving these items. Some of these items include particle board or pieces with preexisting damage. ∙We ask you to check the truck when the movers are finished, to make sure that none of your belongings were left on it. If you think that something is missing, you must call the office within 48 hours.


Publicity and Use of Images: Customer gives permission for Happy2Haul to use and to publish on its website and promotional materials photographs and descriptions of the customer’s property and photographs of before, during, and after the move. The customer waives any legal or equitable claims against Happy2Haul, its owners, agents, and employees, for the use and publication described in this paragraph.

Rights and Remedies: In the event of litigation between the parties for disputes arising out of this Agreement, claims for unpaid amounts, or claims for negligence, that arbitration will be first pursued and then litigation if need be. In such litigation, the prevailing party shall be awarded its costs and attorneys’ fees, in addition to any damages and equitable relief the court awards.

Water and Gas Lines: You should disconnect all water and gas lines from all items you wish Happy2Haul to move before Happy2Haul arrives. Happy2Haul will not disconnect any utility line before moving an item. However you agree to waive any claims against Happy2Haul for consequential and incidental damages arising out of or relating to Happy2Haul moving of items that were connected to water lines. This waiver includes damages you may incur for property damage, loss of use, labor costs, income, business, and reputation. Happy2Haul cannot and will not disconnect any type of gas, water or any other utility line.